AAA National provides exterior elastomeric coating by some of the best manufacturers for our
painting/coating and waterproofing services. For over 30 years, we have used products manufactured by
these companies: Neogard, LymTal International, BASF, and Dow Corning.

Elastomeric coating is designed to protect masonry walls by providing a decorative, yet flexible coating
system, applied thicker than basic paints, that can bridge existing cracks, prevent water intrusion and hide
surface imperfections, therefore prolonging the life of your building. Elastomeric coating goes beyond the
capabilities of ordinary paint by combining the decorative qualities of the best acrylic paints with the elasticity
and flexibility of high performance elastomers. This creates a system that can accommodate thermal
expansions and contractions even at low temperatures.

AAA also uses paint coatings provided by Sherwin Williams should our customers prefer this method of
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